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Sweet Vanilla Biscotti

These twice baked cookies will make your daily cup of coffee or tea even more irresistible!

Light, crunchy, and delicately delicious are the three perfect words to describe these Italian cookies. Instead of adding chopped almonds to the dough, which is traditional, I opted to add almonds in a different way. I substituted half the needed flour with almond flour. Almond flour is quickly becoming a staple in all things baking in my kitchen. It adds such a rich and buttery taste to everything I add it to even if I’m using zero butter in a recipe. It’s basically magic. You’ll see what I mean once you try these Sweet Vanilla Biscotti. Before you start making these simple yet classic cookies I have something to admit. I haven’t always been a fan of biscotti, in fact the first time I ever even tried biscotti was only a few months ago!

No one in my family ever ate them so I never tried one or even knew what the word biscotti meant. I now know it means twice baked cookie. My husband on the other hand has been eating them ever since I’ve known him, which is going on ten years. Even though I’ve never asked him before I wouldn’t be surprised if he grew up eating these since my mother-in-law eats them almost every morning for breakfast. Over the years I would see him enjoying them with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but I just never understood the appeal. Why would anyone want to dunk cookies into anything other than milk? Continue Reading →