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1 Ingredient Makeup Remover

Over the years, I’ve tried many different eye makeup removers, but I never found one I really liked. Every night, I would scrub my sensitive eyes with a popular makeup remover towelette, pulling and tugging my delicate eye area in the hope that I was removing all of my makeup. The 17 chemicals in this towelette irritated my eyes so much that I couldn’t even open my eyes until I flushed them out with water! If I dare open my eyes before this, the chemicals would seep into my eyes making them sting and bloodshot. Why did I expose my eyes and skin to these damaging chemicals for so long? I simply was never told there was any other way.

When we search for makeup removers, or any beauty product for that matter, we are falsely led to believe that our only options exist solely on store shelfs. This is simply not true.

What I have come to find out, and what I hope you do as well, is that God has provided us with so many incredible resources that come naturally from the earth, no laboratory necessary. Coconut oil is one of them. You can use coconut oil for so many different things: as a healthy baking substitute, an antibacterial, a moisturizer, a hair conditioning treatment, and even as an anti fungal! The list goes on and on! In later posts, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite ways to use this versatile oil, but first let’s talk about it’s amazing ability to remove eye makeup, well actually any kind of makeup.

Coconut oil is not only gentle on my skin and eyes, but effective at removing ALL of my makeup. It effortlessly slides across my eyelids while removing every last bit of eyeliner and mascara. No longer do my eyes get irritated by the absorption of chemicals found in store bought makeup removers or do I wake up with smudged mascara around my eyes. Now, my skin and eyelashes get a healthy dose of hydration, with a shot of vitamins K and E, thanks to this one ingredient natural makeup remover.

Why Use Coconut Oil As A Makeup Remover?

  • It’s made up of only natural ingredients; 1 to be exact
  • It won’t cause you to pull or tug at the delicate eye area. We’re trying to avoid crows feet, not aid in their development
  • Is gentle on your eyes and doesn’t cause any pain or stinging when used
  • Will actually remove all of your makeup

How To Use As A Makeup Remover

  1. To warm it up, simply rub a small amount between your fingers, although solid at room temperate, it quickly melts into a magical oil!
  2. Gently pat on and around your eyelids. To remove the rest of your makeup, rub the oil in circular motions on your face and neck.
  3. Use a cotton ball or pad to lift and wipe away every last pigment of makeup from the eyelids and face. Finish by washing off residue with your favorite cleanser.

  • Don’t worry about removing all the coconut oil from your lashes, a little left over will only deeply moisturize your lashes and may even help them grow a bit!
  • There’s a lot of different types of coconut oil out there, but you should look for organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. This is the least processed and is closest to it’s natural state. You should be able to find it in the cooking oil aisle at your local supermarket or online.

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    October 11, 2016 at 6:14 am

    What a great, simple and healthy idea! I have coconut oil in my house…downstairs…and I keep meaning to take a little with me upstairs when getting ready for bed. I keep forgetting!!! But, I will try this awesome tip soon because I need something good to get my face nice and clean. 🙂

    It is fun learning all the great ways Coconut Oil can be used.

    Thanks for sharing this tip, Kristy!

    • Reply
      October 11, 2016 at 1:28 pm

      I’m glad you like the tip! A little goes a long way, so start off with an amount the size of a dime and use more if needed. Let me know what you think once you try it! ?

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